Wilds.io is another great multiplayer arena game. You're out in the wild, and have to defend yourself against all kinds of wild creatures such as bears, little monsters, bots, and other players. The game is a bit laggy at times, but nevertheless it's fun! Your task is to defend yourself against evil creatures by hunting them. Every time you kill one you become bigger. Magic colorful bottles will extend your life and add power. Enjoy the extreme fun with wilds.io game online.


Play Wilds.io Game

Wilds.io is a free multiplayer game online. Its a game with total new concept where you have to fight with enemies which are total wild. You need to defend youself as well as attack them. When you kill the wild in wild.io game you will eat it to get bigger. This game has a lot of new feature's in the game such as upgrades, music, different color's and much more. Controls are : WASD = Move; Mouse = Attack; Space = Jump. The developer needs your help to grow. If you support him he will gonna upgrade this game as written below :
Add more items:
* Shurikens - you can stack three of them, they are quick but deal only 1 damage.
* Potion of invincibility - now you see me, now you don't.
* Bombs - like mines... except for throwing.
Add more game modes:
* Capture the flag.
* Kill opponents Yeti - each team with it's own monster to protect.
* Brutal Soccer! - let's mix football with axes.
Add more hazards:
* Armadillo - like a turtle in Mario - hit it to send it at enemy's face.
* Holes and fissures - kick your opponent straight into the endless pit.
* Bushes - you can hide within, you can cut it down like in Zelda - it will spawn a potion or a monster.
So keep playing and support wilds.io game online and do share with your friends.